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  Medieval Armor and Helmets

Valiant Arms has many styles of medieval armor from Roman armor to knight armor to complete suits of armour to helmets. Medieval armor adds beauty and distinction to your home with these skillfully hand crafted fully wearable life size helmets. All are made of 18 gauge steel.
Imperial roman armor and other medieval styles
Imperial Roman
Armor Display w/stand
Renaissance knights armor along with medieval armour
 Armor Display w/stand
Roman legionaries armour as well as medieval armor and weapons
Roman Legionaries Armor Display w/stand

Fantasy Medieval Viking armor horned helmet
Viking Horned Helmet


German knight armor sallet helm
German Sallet Helm
The Medieval Armor European barbute helmet
European Barbute
Pigface knight helm goes well with a suit of armor.
Pigface Bascinet
Burgonet knight armor helm
Burgonet Helm
European knights armor helmet, goes great with a medieval knights suit of armor.
Knights Helmet

Comb morion medieval armor helm
Comb Morion Helm
Medieval armor european sallet helm
European Sallet Helm
Italian cabasset medieval helmet
Italian Cabasset Helmet
Imperial roman armor centurion guard helmet
Imperial Roman Helm
Roman troopers armor helm
Roman Troopers Helm
Medieval visored helmet armor
Visored Helmet
European medieval knight armor bascinet
European Bascinet

German medieval knight armor maximilian helm
Maximilian Helm
Persian medieval armour war helm
Persian War Helm

This page highlights Medieval Armor and Renaissance knights along with Roman Armour.  All armor and medieval helmets are available for immediate delivery. Suits of armour and Roman half suits of armor along with medieval helms are our specialty. 

Decorative and authentic styled middle age armor and weapons will enhance the look of any room. Our medieval replica armor looks like it came out of a museum. Reproductions follow original designs very closely. Click on any replica picture to see a larger view of the medieval armor shown on the page. Whether your specialty is Roman, Spanish, German, Italian or European in general, we have the armor for you! All armor are unique creations, true metal works of art. You will not find better value then our medieval swords, armor, helmets and weapons.

Try the Viking fantasy helmet. Did you know there is no record of  medieval Vikings ever having horns on their helms? Movies mold our perceptions.

All Valiant Arms armor is hand-made by artisans and craftsmen. Pieces are fully articulated with the finest detail. Our period Renaissance and Roman armor half suits comes complete with hand made wooden stands. Everything ships complete as shown in the pictures including any implements. A half suit of armor would look great in any entrance, making it look like a castle. Is anything more impressive than knight in shining armor?


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